Work is Underway !!!!!

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Thanks to the generosity of many many members and others, we have started the construction of our new pavilion. We hope to have it completed in a couple of weeks. Just in time to keep the snow off of us !!!!!!

Two weeks ago, a new drainage system was installed at the back side of the asphalt pad and this week, actual footings and wood work got under way.


Brian stopped by to see what was happening and got volunteered to jackhammer a rock out of a footing hole.

While the footings are being worked on at the far right end, a few posts are being erected at the other.



Here is a combined bunch of pictures for the Fall Cleanup and an update on the new construction.

We have a 6 stumps that need to go away so a bunch of us spent a couple days removing 3. We got 3 out and the last one was a bugger and took nearly 6 hours to dig out with a little backhoe and some man power.


Here's the cleanup crew and the latest status of the build.  It as a beautiful Fall day. Thanks to all who attended and helped !


Nice progress in just one day !



Roof is almost complete and half walls are going up.


1021/2016 - Almost done, some details left, electrical, more stumps need to be gone, cleanup and final landscaping still to go.

more pics as work progresses....................