Pavilion Project Update


Regarding the pictures below: these are preliminary drawings. They do not show the detail of the entrance opening in the back (like we had before), the partially closed ends or the interior. There will be functional (and decorative) gussets at the top of each vertical post. The overall dimensions are 96x16 feet. This is the same length as the original building but 4 feet smaller, and cozier, from front to back. A drainage system will be run across the back of the building to prevent water runoff from the parking lot from going under the structure. The 4 foot high walls on 3 sides will help cut down on the cold winds, and allow a 'viewing' area for people to watch the shooting action but be outside of building to escape some of the noise.

The structure will be wood with an 'architectural' asphalt roof. This will help keep the noise inside and outside of the structure to a minimum.

We have a basic design, estimated cost of the project and the final design is being put into architectural drawings suitable to build from.

The project is being put out for contractor bids very soon.

We've been very successful in our fund raising efforts and hope to start the rebuild in the next month or so.

Please note. Although fund raising has been very successful, we are still slightly short of our anticipated needs, but close enough to start the process going forward.

We still need additional funds, so please be kind enough to continue your generosity towards this project.

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Thank you.