Pavilion Project

April 3, 2015

The contractor did a great job. The mud and the deck will have to dry, the deck needs to be swept off and the area around the deck needs to be graded off a bit.  Hopefully the weather stays dry for a few days, the mud will disappear and we can proceed to open the facility for some sunny day shooting.

We're in the process of getting some tables and making some target frames. All that we had got destroyed in the collapse. When that is done, we're ready for business as we plan out the reconstructing and financing.

Thanks to Bettencourt Excavating for the tremendous job they did !!!!!


The heavy equipment made the entrance to the deck quite slippery with mud.

We need to move some dirt around to pretty up the range side of the deck when the mud dries.

The deck is still wet and needs to dry before we can sweep it clean.

We measured the deck. It's 100 feet long !

The view from the range is certainly different than it was.

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