For your safety and that of others, all members are expected to READ, UNDERSTAND and COMPLY.



MONDAY - SATURDAY  9:00AM to (1) one hour prior to sunset.

SUNDAY - 10:00AM to (1) one hour prior to sunset

NO FIRING of center fire rifle cartridges before 10:00am.
All Members are required to sign-in on the log book upon entering premises
(with the exception of the club meetings when a sign-in sheet is used).


1. Only properly licensed individuals or those under direct instruction by a licensed individual are allowed on the FIRING LINE. Those persons assuming the role of "INSTRUCTORS" must not allow any untrained or unlicensed individuals to handle firearms when not under direct control or supervision.

1a.The range may not be used for licensing certifications or training classes. (added 5/13/2009)

2. Idle firearms, weapons being displayed or carried in the area of the FIRING LINE MUST BE UNLOADED and have the BREACH OPEN to show the weapon is in a safe condition. For revolvers or "wheelguns" - cylinder is swung open or the action is "broken" in the case of hinged revolvers. Pistols must have the slide at the rearward position with a mechanical stop and the magazine removed (if equipped).

3. IT IS PROHIBITED TO ALLOW ANY CONDITION OR PERSON(S) TO DISTRACT SHOOTERS while the FIRING LINE is active: Including the entire area proximate to the covered shelter.

4. MEMBERS are RESPONSIBLE for the actions of their guests.

5. Any shooter who wishes to go "DOWNRANGE" to adjust or change targets MUST WAIT until there is a pause in the shooting. At that time, He/She should ASK if it is OK to leave the FIRING LINE and verify that all shooter who are there have acknowledged and understood the request.

6. IT IS PROHIBITED TO HANDLE ANY FIREARM WHILE ANYONE IS DOWNRANGE. Loading of magazines separate from the firearm is permitted.

7. Upon returning to the FIRING LINE, the individual(s) must verify that no one else is downrange, issue an audible "CLEAR" and verify all shooters have understood in order for shooting to resume.

8. The START position for handgun shooters should be with the muzzle pointing downrange, at the ground with an approximate 45 degree angle, the firearm is then brought to bear on the target. The safety may be off at this time. The trigger finger must bridge or span the trigger guard until a "sight picture" of the target is obtained, only then should the trigger be engaged.

9. Persons under the influence of alcohol or any condition that could impair their good judgment or any possibility of a compromise to their own safety or that of others may not handle firearms. NO EXCEPTIONS.

10. No cross range firing (i.e. from the 100 yard firing lines to the 50 yard firing line)

11. No placement of targets on top of target holders, berms or the top of the wooden rails on the 50' line.

11a. No steel plates or other steel targets are to be placed on sloped surface of berms. (added 5/13/2009)

12. Shooters should mount targets in target frame in a manner that there is a sufficient "buffer zone" to preclude unnecessary damage to frames from "fliers" or unintended round placement.

13. The type or size of target stand should ensure that spent rounds will impact the berm directly behind the target. Whether the shooter will be standing or seated should be considered.

14. NO GLASS, NO CANS/BOTTLES, PROPANE TANKS, GOLF BALLS, SHOTGUN SHELLS or CERAMIC TARGETS are permitted, nor are the targets that create debris that is difficult to clean up or will not degrade within a reasonable time. Targets must be removed from the range when not in use.

15. Persons on the range must be vigilant to anyone who in their opinion is acting in an unsafe manner. Without any risk or peril to themselves, members should attempt to advise the person(s) of these observations. At all times remain polite and calm. If any person believes to the best of their ability that a situation of immediate danger exists that person(s) has the obligation, without delay, to use the Club phone to contact the Police Department.

16. Members or their guests having any FULL AUTO FIREARMS are confined to the 50 yard range unless signs indicate otherwise. In addition, those person(s) must have the proper paperwork on their person to verify compliance to Federal, State and Local laws. Bursts in excess of 10 rounds are prohibited. All points of impact must be in the center of the berm or lower. Any inability to comply means the user must immediately cease and desist.

17. Any device or technique, which simulates full auto firing of a semi-auto is PROHIBITED.

18. In the event any shooter misses the berm, he or she may be disqualified from shooting the remainder of the day if proper, remedial action cannot be taken. Subsequent occurrences will result in a hearing before the Board of Directors for disposition.

19. Do not leave firearms or ammunition untended on the FIRING LINE. A member may leave the FIRING LINE leaving the weapons in a safe condition, if a properly licensed individual (guest or other member) is present in that area to take responsibility for proper security.

20. Use proper safety glasses and hearing protection.

21. Only use your OWN reloaded ammunition.

22. The Board of Directors will hear infractions within 30 days of report. The Board will determine the severity of the infraction and take appropriate corrective action, which can include termination of club membership. Please act safely for your own benefit and that of others.