Hunting and Fishing News

from our avid sportsman, Frank Dunphy


* "Happy 150th Anniversary Mass Wildlife"


* 2015 Deer Harvest _ 10,102 total

(6,615 male / 3,439 female)


* 1st (4 day) Blue Hills Hunt results _  47 Does / 17 Bucks ... for a total of 64 Deer.


* 2015 Black Bear results _ 228 total ...only 12 shy of the 2014 record 240.




*2016 Hunting / Fishing Licenses now available.



 Please completely clean your boat, out-board motors, and trailers, after each time in fresh water ponds, and, or lakes. Many "invasive" plant / fish (eggs) etc. can be transferred un-knowingly from one body of water to another.


Pond maps are available thru Mass Wildlife which are a great tool to go fish or explore the many lakes and ponds in Ma. that have public access. 


Reminder :  We as sportsmen/sportswomen are dependent on each other to set a good example for the next generation. Please keep this in mind when enjoying the great outdoors, and by all means stay safe.

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